Database Designer

Database Designer 10.05L

Design and develop stand-alone custom databases

Database Designer is a rapid windows-based database application assembly environment that enables any small to large organizations to build and implement suitable business solutions in days instead of months.

Database Designer is one of the easiest and most advanced tool for designing and developing stand alone custom commercial flat standalone database applications with no extra libraries, with the ease of pointing and clicking, in today's market.

Other database software requires the users to purchase licenses for each computer the software is used on, or pay yearly lease and licensing agreements totaling thousands of dollars, or the other choice of paying thousands of dollars in programming costs to develop something you may not like or not what you wanted. No more...

Now you the user has the unique ability to do this yourself, in creating your very own powerful standalone custom commercial database software for the Windows environment without the headache of learning all those complex computer languages, with you the owner controlling all rights and licenses to the software application which is created.

Features of Database Designer:

  • No programming knowledge needed. All that is required is the basic knowledge of how to use Windows
  • Design and layout your database as to how you or your client wants it to be
  • What you see is what you get in the layout and printing of your databases
  • Most applications created are less than 1MB in size, compared with other applications in today's market
  • Distribute your own databases with you holding all rights to the finished product
  • Compiled database applications will work on all versions of Windows '9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • No restrictions apply, can be run on a 16MB machine with 1MB graphic RAM
  • Compiled database needs no setting up, libraries or installing. You just need to copy it straight to any machine